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Problem of connexion SEG 4.3

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Problem of connexion SEG 4.3



I don't understand why SEG displays the following message (see attachment) and nothing works now.


It always worked normally. I have a SAS based  installation on my computer. I have never made a connection with any server.


Thank you for your help


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Re: Problem of connexion SEG 4.3

If possible, can you please copy the entire error message (click on the button at the bottom-right corner of the popup box).


You said this is a stand-alone SAS workstation installation - yes? (On a client-server installation, I would have suggested checking the status of the Object Spawner).


What does your connection profile have?

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Re: Problem of connection SEG 4.3

There is the entire error message.


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Re: Problem of connexion SEG 4.3

I use a french version

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Re: Problem of connexion SEG 4.3

[ Edited ]

Disregard my response below, that was before seeing the full callstack you just posted.  From the callstack you just sent, I see the error is occurring when attempting to make a connection to your local SAS server.  The first thing I'd do is try to run SAS (Display Manager) directly from the Windows start menu (or C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe).  If SAS comes up fine in that case (and able to submit something simple, ex. "%put hello;"), then I suggest trying to re-register SAS with this command:


C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe -regserver


If still no luck, you can use ITConfig2.exe discussed below to test Local connection (change to SAS Workspace Server and select COM as the Connection Protocol, then press Test button).


That looks like a failure trying to connect to a SAS metadata server.  Check your active profile (in EG's Tools->Connections) to make sure your active profile is configured and set as expected.  If you are intending for EG to connect to your local SAS, make sure "<do not use a profile>" is selected.  If you are intending for EG to connect to a SAS metadata server (usually remote), use the SAS Integration Technologies Configuration Wizard (ex. C:\Program Files\SASHome\x86\Integration Technologies\ITConfig2.exe) to test a connection to the SAS server (ex. Test SAS Servers->Enter a SAS server definition manually->select SAS Metadata Server->specify appropriate machine name, port, and credentials->Press Test button).



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