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Problem changing input data set for Custom Tasks with 2 input data sets

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Problem changing input data set for Custom Tasks with 2 input data sets


I developed a custom task with EG 4.1 that accepts 2 input data sets:
• The first input data is considered the active data set and is required when the task is started.
• The second input data is added by prompting the task user with _consumer.ShowInputDataSelector then adding the selected data in _consumer. InputData using _consumer.AddInputData.

After the task is run, the 2 input data sets appear on the EG Process Flow window, with arrows linking them to the task icon, which is nice.

The problem:

If, in the EG Process Flow window, the user right-clicks the task and chooses ‘select input Data’ then changes the active input data set, we observe the following:

• the newly selected data set is linked to the task icon with an arrow: this is correct,
• BUT the second input data set is dismissed, that is, the arrow linking it to the task icon is removed. The user wanted to change just the first input data set!

I tried to implement the ISASTaskDataSink2 interface to update the InputData array, but with no success (the ActiveDataChanged method is called after the right-click/‘select input Data’ action, while InputDataChanged is not called).

Is there any possibility to:
• Disable the right-click/‘select input Data’ functionality (in the EG Process Flow window) for custom tasks with multiple input data sets, OR
• Add .NET code to my custom task code (for example in ActiveDataChanged or InputDataChanged) to handle the result of right-click/‘select input Data’ so that the arrow linking my second input data set to the task icon is not removed.

Thanks for any help!
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