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Print reports

When I create HTML documents or PDF it looks good on the screen, but when I print it out I get another results, the numbers show in different rows and the name of columns do the same. Can I custom the output so it can be ok when I print it out?
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Re: Print reports

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I recommend using SAS Report as the output format for content that you intend to print from SAS Enterprise Guide. It "views" like HTML, "prints" like PDF.

It's smart enough to break long tables across pages and repeat column headings. You can use the built-in Report Builder to create custom reports and control the page orientation and "fit" policies.

SAS Report is the default output format in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and 4.3. You can also export SAS Report to HTML and PDF, so it's easy to share with colleagues who don't have SAS.

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