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PreAssigned Libraries

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PreAssigned Libraries

How does a EG assign a pre assigned libraries .What is the command it uses?
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Re: PreAssigned Libraries

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EG is a client and does nothing. It's in most cases the SAS Workspace server which assigns the library.

The command to assign the library is a normal libname statement.

Pre-assigned is a definition made in SAS Metadata. When you connect to a SAS Workspace server (that's connecting to a SAS Server, a session get's created on this SAS Workspace server (using the SAS Object Spawner)) the SAS Metadata is read and the libnames for all pre-assigned libraries get executed. - Have a look at the properties of the library in SAS EG - there you can see the libname statement which was used.

Other ways of having pre-assigned libraries are:
- Library is assigned via SAS/Share
- Library statement is part of the SAS autoexec which gets executed while the SAS session on the SAS Workspace server gets created.

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