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Physical storage & EG

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Physical storage & EG

Hi folks, I did search and read up as much as I coudl but I am getting a bit more unclear. My objective is to be able to save my code and or create a sub directory etc pointed to a storage path through EG.

Perhaps an example will work better:

I have this storage available on a server: /sasdata/depta

I would like to be able to see this either via library or folder and from EG I could simply save it here or create a sub dir and create it there (I know OS & OMA permissions have to be appropriate). When I try to assign the base library or generic library or enterprise library in location I see a grayed out /shared Data already filled in (cannot change). I am using sasadm to log into smc.

Is it possible and or what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Physical storage & EG

I must be smoking something so before you alll laugh at me: I realised that you cannot have hierarchies in a library (you can assign different one per sub dir, etc etc).

So now the question is can this be done on SAS Folders? If yes how?

In 913 (we are using 9.2) there used to be a EGAUTO type of file where one could list libnames and when the session started those libraries were assigned (ok this was a sneaky side question; sorry!), what is its equivalent in 9.2?

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Re: Physical storage & EG

You cannot use SAS Folders (metadata) to stored SAS programs for use in EG. You can use only the file system, local or remote server.

As far as, that doesn't exist anymore. The easier method for injecting your own startup code is:

Tools->Options->SAS Programs->Submit SAS code when connecting to server.

The statements that you specify there will run just once, when you connect to the SAS session.

Another cool way (new in EG 4.3) is to create a process flow named "Autoexec". Any programs/tasks that you include in that flow will be run *immediately* when you open the project. That's a project-specific autoexec.

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