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Percentages on Pie Charts in Web Report Studio

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Percentages on Pie Charts in Web Report Studio

Can anyone tell me how I can add percentages to my pie charts in Web Report Studio? The only option available in "Graph Properties" is show data values, which puts total volumes for each slice on my chart. I want these represented as percentages of the pie. This option is available in EG but seems to have been ommitted from WRS.

Also, there is no option to change the colours ofthe slices which means I am stuck with what WRS decides I should have.

A solution to these problems would be hugely appreciated.
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Re: Percentages on Pie Charts in Web Report Studio

EG and WRS are actually using different methods to generate the pie charts. If you want to surface your EG-created chart in WRS, you can create the pie chart in an EG task and then turn your EG task into a stored process. Then, in WRS, instead of making the pie chart using the WRS tools, you would run the stored process, which would use the EG method -- and you'd see the EG chart in WRS.

I do not believe you have control of the colors in WRS, so the EG method would also allow you to control the colors as well as put the percentages on the pie.

For more help on turning an EG task into a stored process, you might want to contact Tech Support.

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