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Pause EG process flow

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Pause EG process flow

I am working on creating an end to end simulator using SAS EG starting from raw data to final results. The simulator runs an AS-IS case based on the input data and a TO-BE case. The first step reads in the as is data, cleans bad data, and creates an AS-IS data table that will be used for future steps. The goal is to allow users to edit a copied version of the AS IS table to create the TO-BE case.

I am coding in Base SAS but using EG for the prompt menus. Currently, I copy the AS-IS, export as a CSV, and the import the file after a user edits the file. My problem is I don't know how to pause the process flow. I currently created two process flows and run them individually to create a pause. Is there a way to pause a process flow and require input from a user to continue?

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