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Passing Control to next script (code)

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Passing Control to next script (code)

I have one staging flow in EG 4.1, which having 4 different codes linked in sequence.
When i try to run flow, first script (i. e. code) is executed successfully,
but that code does not pass control to next code. Green background don't get removed until
and unless i do not stop that code manually.

Please help me out from this thread sos.

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Re: Passing Control to next script (code)

You might need to contact tech support with this one. There are a few SAS coding practices that can cause the current program to seem to hang. For example, if you end your program with an ENDSAS; that would cause a problem.

We would need to look at your first program to help diagnose.

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Re: Passing Control to next script (code)

That code contain around 1000 lines of script.
Actually, it is dynamic sas script which migrates gb's of data from cobol (txt format data) to sas.
I have never used statements like ENDSAS; in that script.

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Re: Passing Control to next script (code)

I'm just guessing here, since we cannot see the code.


1) you may need some "quit;" statements to insure that a step actually completes.

2) The log file may be huge, and taking "forever" to transfer back to the workstation where EG lives.

3) I would advise against using EG for large batch jobs like this. It is generally better to run the code directly on the server natively. I'm guessing you are using EG to run a job on a mainframe? I'm guessing this is a regularly "scheduled" run? Why not just use the mainframe's scheduler to run the SAS job directly?
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