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Parameters in EG

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Parameters in EG

This isn't my question per se, but rather a idea, and I was wondering if what the OP asked wasn't already possible in SAS EG

Quite often I'd like to parameter things in SAS Enterprise Guide that are not allowed to.

For instance, when importing data, I would like to use a parameter in a part of the file name, so that if the files I use are put in another repository I would just have to replace it in a parameter.

It would also be convenient to be able to parameter SAS Datasets names in Query Builder (in any task actually) so that we could use files whose names change every month (FOO_2013_12 for instance),

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Re: Parameters in EG

Yes you can.....

Use a environtvariable in the usermods script of the related app server eg:

- export sasbasenam=/data/location/tobeset


- set  sasbasenam=/data/location/tobeset   (sas usermods config file)

With some scripting on Unix/Windos it sould be easy to vary those name.

It also possible to build SAS code that generates a script that is being called at startup. A little bit tricky to get reliable my advice is a wle tested professional approach on that.

In the source repository or other physical filename use a !  eg:

!sasbasenam/yoursrc        (this can be metadata or just SAS code)

What happens is the fully name will be used. in this case: /data/location/tobeset/yoursrc  

By this you can achieve fully dynamic physical namings varying on the appserver being used.

SAS(R) 9.3 Companion for UNIX Environments (even fileref can be an environment var0

SAS(R) 9.4 Companion for Windows, Second Edition (windows better documented) 

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