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Parameter in Advance Filter for EG version 5.1

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Parameter in Advance Filter for EG version 5.1

Dear All

My workplace has just upgraded SAS Version from EG 4.1 to EG 5.1.  Many functions are changed  and I have some question about using parameter in Advance filter.

Basically, when we compute a column such as finding duration of  Birth date to Specific date. It can be done by  INTCK("DAY" ,t1.Birth_date , &Selected_Date) . It was work in EG 4.1, but not for EG 5.1

I have tried  this INTCK("DAY", t1,Birth_date, "&Selected_Date"d) , It works well.   I think we have to add the tag at the end of parameter right?  In this case it is "d" because it is date format. Therefore,

Is there any Ideas about the syntax of using parameter?

If the  parameter types are not date, but they are numeric or character, what are the correct syntax? I dont think they are "&Parameter_Name"n  in case it is numeric type or "&Parameter_Name"s for string or character type. Is there any topic talking about this?

Moreover, I still have a question about generated code when I add parameter in simple Filter the program generate (%_eg_WhereParam( t1.B_Date, Start, EQ, TYPE=D, IS_EXPLICIT=0 ) .The box "Generate filter for a prompt Value (only applied a prompt type)”  is automatically selected. When I unchecked it, the syntax of parameter was change to &Start instead, but it still shown an error due to incorrect of syntax,  Is there any topics talking about the meaning of this? I really need fully explanation about this. This will be helpful. I have talk to my consultant, but this issue is still unsolved.

Hope this will be clarified soon. 

Thanks for your kindness in advance

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Re: Parameter in Advance Filter for EG version 5.1

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I have already got the answer. Thanks

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