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Panel data analysis

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Panel data analysis

I'm new to SAS EG and wanted some help regarding the structure of the data needed to perform panel data analysis on SAS EG. It is a time series Cross sectional panel data analysis

My current data is in this format:

1989 1990 1991
X 12 13 45
Y 8 10 16

I have been told that the data format for panel data analysis on SAS EG should be as follows:

X 1989 12
X 1990 13
X 1991 45

Y 1989 8
Y 1990 10
Y 1991 16

Can you please confirm which format is the right one for panel data analysis on SAS EG ?

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Re: Panel data analysis

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Do you mean the task "Regression Analysis of Panel Data"? I'm not a time series expert, but my limited experience is that yes, you usually need the data in a "narrow" form for a lot of the time series stuff. Someone else may provide a definitive answer, or you might consider cross-posting this on the Forecasting forum ( If you post there, I'd mention the procedure is TSCSREG.

Tech support could also provide an answer if you need:
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Re: Panel data analysis

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Yes, I meant the "Regression analysis of panel data". Thanks for your help.
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