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PROC INFOMAPS not working

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PROC INFOMAPS not working

We ran the PROC infomap to add tables to a infomap. While doing so, we got the following error.

481 proc infomaps metauser="sasdemo"
482 metapass=XXXXXXXXXXXX
483 metaserver="TPCIDL06048"
484 metaport=8561
485 metarepository="Foundation";
486 delete infomap "testmap" mappath="/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps";
NOTE: Information map "testmap" was successfully deleted from "/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps".
487 open infomap "testmap"
488 mappath="/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps";
489 insert datasource server="SASMain"
490 table=ProcLib.City _ALL_ ; The schema named PROCLIB was not found on server SASMain.
at Source)
at Source)
ERROR: Failed to insert data source "PROCLIB"."CITY".
491 save;
NOTE: Information map "testmap" has been saved in folder "/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps".
WARNING: Information map "testmap" contains no business items.
492 run;

NOTE: PROCEDURE INFOMAPS used (Total process time):
real time 0.79 seconds
cpu time 0.03 seconds

Please let us know if the above syntax is right. If so, let us know how to rectify this error.
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Re: PROC INFOMAPS not working

did you ever get a response for this? I am getting the same error
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Re: PROC INFOMAPS not working

In the documentation
on page 26/27, they show this example:

proc infomaps metauser="myUserID"
/* Delete the information map to avoid duplicate data items. */
delete infomap "xmp_simple" mappath="/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps";

/* Open a new information map. The path specified is where, by */
/* default, it will be saved when a SAVE statement is issued. */
/* The information map exists only in memory and not in the */
/* metadata repository until the SAVE statement is issued. */
open infomap "xmp_simple"
mappath="/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Maps";

/* Note that an OPEN INFOMAP statement must precede the */
/* INSERT DATASOURCE statement. */
/* Make the specified table on the specified server accessible. */
insert datasource sasserver="SASMain"
table="Sample Data".CLASS _all_ ;

/* If no name is specified on the SAVE statement, then the information */
/* map that is currently open is saved with the name with which it was */
/* opened. If no path is specified, then it is saved in the path */
/* specified in the OPEN statement or, secondarily, it is saved in */
/* the path that is specified in the PROC INFOMAPS statement. */

The reference they use on their TABLE= option is the Descriptive name of the for example, I might have a
LIBRARY named "Orion Star" in the Metadata
LIBREF was "orstar" in my SAS program.

But the usage in the example, implies to me that the correct coding would be:
TABLE="Orion Star".customer (the descriptive LIBRARY name)
TABLE=orstar.customer (the LIBREF used in the SAS program)

You might also consider contacting Tech Support for help using PROC INFOMAP. To contact Tech Support, go to and on the left hand navigation pane, look for the link entitled "Submit a Problem".

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