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Hi: I am using PDF in SAS EG for my output. I did this through tools options but I only get portrait but my boss needs landscape. How can I make this happen?

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Re: PDF in EG

Check this thread. It's been discussed before in this forumᐰ

(search the forum for the keyword "landscape")

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Re: PDF in EG

For EG 4.2, there's a workaround to get your PDF in landscape without writing any SAS code.

1. Generate your results in SAS Report format (not PDF).
2. Right-click on the resulting SAS Report and select "Create Report" or "Create Report Snapshot" (doesn't matter which).
3. From this new report, click on Page Setup at the top of the workspace area.
4. Click the Landscape button for Orientation. Click OK to close the Page Setup window.
5. Select Export from the top of the workspace area.
6. Choose PDF for the file type, and export the file to the appropriate location.

You can go through all the steps above in EG 4.1 *except* step 6. EG 4.1 doesn't let you export SAS Report format to PDF. It's a great feature for EG 4.2. In either version, you could always write custom ODS code as Doc indicated in the link.
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