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Original SAS vs. SAS Enterprise Guide

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Original SAS vs. SAS Enterprise Guide


I want to run my program with the original SAS, but whenever I click the program file, the SAS Enterprise Guide is executed and comes up. Is there an option where I can change the priority to run the original SAS when I click the file? I know I can click the right mouse button and 'open with SAS 9.2', but I want to know if there is a way to double click the mouse and open the program with the original SAS.

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Re: Original SAS vs. SAS Enterprise Guide

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If you a clicking on a SAS program in Windows Explorer and want to change the default action, go to the Tools, Folder Options in Explorer and select the File Types tab. Select the SAS extension and then change the application with which it is associated.
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Re: Original SAS vs. SAS Enterprise Guide

There is also a "Manage SAS File Types" tool. It's in:

Start->Programs->SAS->SAS 9.2 License Renewal and Utilities

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