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Ordinal Logistic Regression: proc logistic

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Ordinal Logistic Regression: proc logistic

I'm completely new to SAS. I'm using version 9.1. I have a specific task I need to perform but have no idea where to start learning it. I want to get it done as soon as possible.
I have data in the following format:

vara1 vara2 ... varaN classA
varb1 varb2 ... varbN classB

where var** are the attributes that lead to classA. ClassA is an ordinal variable that is dependent on N attributes.

I want to test the the prediction capabilities of Ordinal Logistic Regression with SAS. I have training data files in the format above. I also have test files which are like the above without the class* column; targets are in a seperate file. How can I perform the training and test? I want to know what the model predicts for each test case after training, so I can compare it to the target values. Is it even possible? Where can I learn it? Is it possible to obtain the Kappa statistic for the results?
Please email me if you someone can help :

Thank you
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