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Ordered Lists Multiple Selections

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Ordered Lists Multiple Selections

Hi, I currently have at least 50 different queries that all flow into one source data.  Then a couple of queries are off of that source data and there are rankings/queries that need to be ordered a specific way.


Usually, I highlight the first part and chose "Run Selected" then after it runs I go to the second half of the query and manually run each query/ranking section. 


Is there a way, instead of going in to "ordered lists" and picking every individual query in the beginning, to highlight the whole first part and add that to one step of the order?


I'd hate to waste a ton of time by adding each one.


Hope this makes sense






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Re: Ordered Lists Multiple Selections

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Maybe a stupid idea, but why not use "empty" program entries that you use to connect your queries in the order you want Smiley Happy ?



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Re: Ordered Lists Multiple Selections

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It won't help you right now, but we are planning on adding a "Run branch to here" feature in a future release, which sounds like it might help your scenario. It will be similar to the existing "Run branch from here" feature, except rather than running all the downstream nodes, it will run all the upstream nodes and then stop at the node from which you ran the command (rather than continuing execution down the branch).



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