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Opening Information map thru EG

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Opening Information map thru EG

I am opening Information map contains 5 colums thru EG. It's not opening the information map. But when i ignore some column name from information map i can view it. what could be the problem? if it's authorization issue where we can check it?
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Re: Opening Information map thru EG


One reason could be that the information map (meta data column definitions) is not in sync with the physical SAS table (i.e. column doesn't exist in the SAS table or has another name or data type).

"if it's authorization issue where we can check it?"
SAS Management Console for metadata, OS tools for the file system (the actual SAS tables), DB tools if it's a DB table.

What does the SAS log tell you?

There might also be some information available in one of the Server logs. Not sure in which one it would show (metadata server, workspace server, object spawner).

First thing I would try: Can you access all columns directly via EG not using the information map (just submitting a similar query). If yes then I would continue to look for metadata out of sync.


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Re: Opening Information map thru EG

Another way to check the content: see what you can see when you report on the contents of the information map using this program:

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