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Obtaining logit equation for implementing purposes

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Obtaining logit equation for implementing purposes


I was wondering if you could help me to obtain the ecuation from a logit regression model, to obtain the individual estimates by hand, since i already have them on a SAS table.

  • My ecuation has, continuous, and categorical variables (Trouble is in the last one)
  • Dependent variable is y=1 or y=0
  • example: y = b0 + (b1Married + b2Divorced) + (b3HighSchool + b4College)

                                              Single as "Base"               No Studies as "Base"

When implementing to production, i find trouble when i have individuals with caracteristics taken as "Base", since the intercept enbody the whole "Base" caracteristics and can´t isolate them.

Could anyone please tell me what to do when having an individual when and individual has one or two base caracteristics? How can i get the adjusted "y" i get automatically from enterprise Guide

Thanks in advanced.


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