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OLAP CUBE Slice records incomplete

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OLAP CUBE Slice records incomplete


I'm having some difficulty extracting a slice of data from an OLAP cube. I've opened the cube and created my report. The resultant slice contains 100+ records with the proper elements present.
Rows | Columns | Value | Level 02 | Level 03 | Level 04 | Level 031

However not all of the Values present in the cube are present in the slice. The first 20 records appear accurate with values. The remaining records show NULL values.

If I reduce the Row dimensions from 3 to 1 thus reducing the Slice record set all is well. However I would rather not have to create and process a seperate view for each of the row dimensions I require.

The OLAP Cube Provider is: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 9.0

I'm not sure is this is a Cube configuration issue or an EG set-up issue, or worse. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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Re: OLAP CUBE Slice records incomplete

This condition was reported to SAS Support with the following resolution:

I'm able to reproduce this behavior using a query with the same structure. However, if I choose the option "Rows and columns as separate data columns" the results of the slice match with what I see in the query.

I've reported this behavior to our developers. Because of the nature of the problem, I've asked that they consider this for a hot fix on the current release of SAS Enterprise Guide.

It does appear that there was a scenario that was over looked by the developers. However if you include the default measure of your cube as part of your query, you can ensure that the data will be returned correctly. If you do not need the data in your resulting slice, you can use the Query Builder to drop that column. This should be addressed in a hot fix for the SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 installation.
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