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Numeric Days to a Date Format

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Numeric Days to a Date Format

I have a string parameter that I have that I enter as a date (mm/dd/yyyy). I do not have this parameter enclosed in quotes because of something I am doing later in the process. I then want to subtract 1 day from this date that is being entered. So, I am trying to convert this string into a date so I can use the INTNX function. I am having troubles converting the parameter string into a date format.

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Re: Numeric Days to a Date Format

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Try using the INPUT function in a SAS variable assignment statement, specifying the appropriate INFORMAT name as the second argument. Check resources on the SAS support website, such as the technical conference paper listed below.

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A Beginners Guide to SAS  Date and Time Handling
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Re: Numeric Days to a Date Format

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input(, mmddyy10.) will convert to a number, PUT(, mmddyy10.) goes the other way, so to get the new var to have a string value that is one day less,


Doc Muhlbaier
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