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Not getting the same report output on the printer

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Not getting the same report output on the printer


I am using proc report code to generate report output.
I create a stored process and run that stored process through browser,i am able to see the output properly but when i print the output through the browser to the dot matrix printer.The printout has some junk characters wherever i have used line in the code.
for example:-
line @2 'report output';

report output in the printout:-

Is there any solution? Message was edited by: Sunil Gandhi
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Re: Not getting the same report output on the printer

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Generally, the LINE syntax (such as @2) does not work for ODS HTML, ODS PDF or ODS RTF the way you expect. So, you're better off not using that syntax.

However, when you run a stored process and return the results to the browser, by the time you print (from the browser) SAS is out of the picture. Once the output is rendered by the browser, it is the browser interface to the printer that is in control.

If you open your HTML output (from the stored process) in Notepad, you can see whether SAS wrote the HTML commands correctly. If you are returning a TXT file and are opening that TXT file in the browser, then you are still dealing with the browser interface to the printer, but you might want to be sure that your stored process has placed <pre> and </pre> around the TXT output -- since that is the HTML method to tell the browser NOT to mess with the "preformatted" TXT file or preformatted TXT lines.

This is probably a question that is best answered by Tech Support, because they can look at your stored process and try to replicate the printing problem. Although, it might be hard to find a dot matrix printer.

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