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Non_Duplicating Random Number Assignment (Best Practice)

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Non_Duplicating Random Number Assignment (Best Practice)



I've cruised this site for multiple methods of random number generation and assignment but did not find a good fit (as far as I know).

My use case is a to assign a random number to a population of individuals. I don't care about uniform distribution of the random values.

Is there a solid way to ensure no duplication of random numbers generated without having to go through do-loop iterations?


I realize there is a much higher chance of random number duplication than might otherwise be expected but I'm suspecting there must be a quick/efficient/best-practice out there for this...


Any help would be appreciated



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Re: Non_Duplicating Random Number Assignment (Best Practice)

It may be appropriate to discuss how you will use that random number. If the purpose is to select a random sample then the procedure Surveyselect may be a better idea.


The likelihood of duplication arises with larger numbers of records. So how big is your data set? Also sometimes "duplication" is the result of a default display format rounding values to a number of digits.

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Re: Non_Duplicating Random Number Assignment (Best Practice)

This may not fit your idea of "quick" or "efficient" but it is tried and true and relatively easy to understand.  Old style coding:


data almost_there;

set have;

random_order = ranuni(12345);



proc sort data=almost_there;

by random_order;



data want;

set almost_there;

random_number = _n_;

drop random_order;



Assign a random fraction to each observation.  Then just number the observations in order.

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