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Newer version of scripting documentation than "" available ?

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Newer version of scripting documentation than "" available ?


I'm trying to start with scripting Enterprise Guide 5.1 using PowerShell. The newest documentation concerning scripting EG I found was the "". I couldn't find one for version 5.1 (or newer). Where can I find one?

The thing i'm trying to accomplish is creating profiles per scripting and/or changing passwords. According to the documentation for 4.2 this isn't possible. I'm hoping this is possible in the 5.1 version (or newer because we are going to migrate in the near future).

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Re: Newer version of scripting documentation than "" available ?

The Automation API and doc hasn't changed since 4.2 -- not in any significant way.  You can't use the API to create profiles or change passwords.

The profiles for each user (as you probably know) are stored in %appdata%\SAS\MetadataServerProfiles within an XML file.  These are user-specific locations that only the user (or an admin) can access.  However, the passwords (if cached there, which can be controlled by policy) are encoded in such a way that you cannot generate those values yourself.  You could theoretically define a new profile in that file, but you won't be able to configure the password portion of it.


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