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Newbie - How to create a table from a view in EG 4.2

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Newbie - How to create a table from a view in EG 4.2

I am just starting to learn SAS so I have a long way to go. I very much appreciate any help I can get. Here is my problem: I have created an Oracle view and it has been registered to metadata. I go into EG, I started a new project and I have done a 'drag & drop' to bring my view into my project. This view takes a long time to run and the data is static so I want to create a permanent table as the next step after the view and use this to build my reports so the view does not have to run each time. I looked in the 'task list' and just see 'append table'. I can not figure out how to create this next step to 'create table'.

Also, any suggestions on a good book to help me learn EG?
Thanks so much!
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Re: Newbie - How to create a table from a view in EG 4.2

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Second question first. I like the "SAS for dummies" book (first edition is for EGuide 4.1, second is for 4.2 and 4.3). "The little SAS book for Enterprise guide 4.x" is also good.

The QUERY BUILDER task is one way you can take an oracle view and make it into a static SAS dataset. Two things specifically to look at.
1) the options button to make sure that it creates a permanent data set
2) the name of the output dataset (in top right corner).
Remember that the F1 function key provides context sensitive help for any task.

Doc Muhlbaier
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