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New to SAS and Enterprise guide

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New to SAS and Enterprise guide

I tried to start with tutorial and did the following

File--> Open--> Data-->Local computer -->Orders

I am getting following error. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so that I can proceed with my basic tutorial.

Enterpise Guide cannot open the data file: C:\Program Files\SAS\Enterprise Guide 4\Sample\Data\Orders.sd2
Error opening data "Orders".
Failed to open the data set in READ mode.
Do you want to remove all references to thsi file from the project?
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Re: New to SAS and Enterprise guide

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This sounds like an installation issue.

If you have SAS on the same machine as EG, then EG should have launched a SAS workspace session to open the data. If you don't have SAS on your local machine, then EG should use the SAS local data provider to open/read the SD2 file.

Either way, this error indicates that something is not installed quite right. You should probably work with tech support to resolve the issue.

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