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New hotfixes for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44002 and C44003)

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New hotfixes for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44002 and C44003)

There are two new hotfixes available for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3.

The first package contains only localization updates. If you run SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 in a language other than English, you'll want this one:

The second package is for everyone, and is a cumulative bundle that includes all fixes in the previously released package (C44001), plus a few more.

Note that these hotfixes can be applied only to installations that have a release number of 4.305.

(In August 2010, we released version 4.3. In September 2010, we released a "refreshed" version that includes the localized versions for a number of different languages -- that version is labeled 4.305. There is no functional difference between 4.3 and 4.305, but you must have the 4.305 version to install this and any future hotfixes. Contact SAS Technical Support if you have questions.)

To check the label of the version that you have, you can use the "ViewRegistry Report":

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