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New hotfix for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44001)

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New hotfix for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44001)

There is a new hotfix available for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3.

Note that this hotfix can be applied only to installations that have a release number of 4.305.

(In August 2010, we released version 4.3. In September 2010, we released a "refreshed" version that includes the localized versions for a number of different languages -- that version is labeled 4.305. There is no functional difference between 4.3 and 4.305, but you must have the 4.305 version to install this and any future hotfixes. Contact SAS Technical Support if you have questions.)

To check the label of the version that you have, you can use the "ViewRegistry Report":

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Re: New hotfix for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44001)

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I hate to be critical, but that viewregistry tool is nearly impossible to understand. Here is what it says for EGuide.

Host: win
Product Code: eguide
Version: 4.3
Display Name: SAS Enterprise Guide
Display Version: 4.3

Help--> about from EGuide says 4.3 (

My site rep says he just got the new EGuide and installed it on the Software Depot.

Is there any other way to tell what version I have? Is the hotfix smart enough to fail if the version is not high enough?
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Re: New hotfix for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 (C44001)


Yes, the hotfix will not install if the software registry version is not 4.305.

I suspect from the output that you see, you have 4.3 and not 4.305. In order to apply the hotfix, you will have to install 4.305 (the latest distribution) and then apply the hotfix.

Our hotfix tools are pretty picky about applying changes to only very specific versions. In this case, 4.3 and 4.305 are functionally the same and have the same version number in the Help->About window (except for additional available translated languages), but the deployment tools won't allow this "4.305" hotfix to apply unless you've deployed the "4.305" distribution.

In the future, our hotfix tools are meant to be more flexible and allow a given hotfix to apply to different "versions".

In this case, there was only about a 4-week window when you might have been able to get 4.3 instead of 4.305. So this inconvenience will apply to the earliest adopters for 4.3 -- I hope that you don't feel we're punishing you for your enthusiasm...

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