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Need help with error message please

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Need help with error message please

I have started getting an error message when trying to open my datasets. EG used to work fine until a week ago. The error reads:
Enterprise Guide cannot open the datafile: xxx.sas7bdat
Error opening data "xxx"
Failed to open the dataset in READ mode

I have looked through some of the threads which suggested loading a patch 41eg08wn.exe but that has not resolved. I am using EG4.1

Can anyone help with what has caused this and how to resolve?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Need help with error message please

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The SAS support website identified this tech note as a possible cause / source for your symptom:

Possibly, share more SAS log information in the location just before and after the error, with all SAS program information revealed in your log.

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Re: Need help with error message please

Another possible cause is that you have SAS installed locally, but the setinit is expired. EG uses your local SAS to open local data if it's installed, but an expired setinit can cause it to fail.

If you don't have local SAS, then EG uses the SAS Local Data Provider, a component that reads local data sets via OLE DB. The SAS note that Scott cites is referring to some limitations for that scenario.

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