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Naming PDF/HTML files

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Naming PDF/HTML files


I have an EG (4.1) project where I have various charts and graphs, etc. When I turn them into HTML files/PDF files and then do a send to "email recipient as a step in project" my files get some random file names assigned to them. The PDF usually gets "result.pdf" while the HTML get something like "tmp2540.html".

I would like to define the names of these files myself. I email these files to a Microsoft Teamplace, and do not want to touch any of the output files as this becomes very tedious.
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Re: Naming PDF/HTML files

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If you rename the task in EGuide and then run it, the RTF takes the name "RTF - " in the output. At least that's what I get in 4.1 with multiple files in one e-mail task. Renaming the e-mail task also makes the zip file have the e-mail task name, which also helps with filing an interpretation.
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