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My Question is regarding SAS BI.

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My Question is regarding SAS BI.

Hi All,

i have some knowledge about SAS BI Studion like SAS WRS,SAS IDP and SAS BI Dashboard. I know that the primary resourse for this Client layer studio (since its accessible through the internet) is the Information map. and again to create information map and to place it on server location we have to register with the metadata using SAS Console Management studio. but i am just wondering that is this possible that we can do this directly from Enterprise Guide that is creating table/Dataset and then registered with metadata (not using SAS Console management only using SAS EG) and then place on server location?

that is ,

the path was like before that is present is

EG(Preparation of data)

Placing physical location

management console

table on server registred

info map

and then accessible through WRS

so instead of this i want




so simple is is this possible through EG to regired data with metadata?

Please Guide.

Thanks in Advance,

Tushar J

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Re: My Question is regarding SAS BI.

I do not believe that you will be able to register your SAS information maps with SAS Enterprise Guide.  SAS Enterprise Guide does not create information maps, so it will not be able to register the metadata for them.  I believe you will either need to use SAS Management Console or SAS Information Map Studio to register the information maps.


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Re: My Question is regarding SAS BI.

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your reply. now what i actually want is i want to do this step using SAS EG,

Placing physical location

table on server registred

like i don't want to create or registered information map using EG, but i do want to register table and want to get placed on server using SAS EG. can i do this?

is this even possible? simply i want to replace console management work by SAS EG. Thanks.

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Re: My Question is regarding SAS BI.


i got the exact answer about my query , so just wanted to share incase it helps other people too... below is the link for blog in which its explained.

Thanks All.

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