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Multiple reports from one code module.

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Multiple reports from one code module.

I have a code module that is designed to run several macros. In simplified form, it looks like this:


Typically, I first run the summary macros to get info I need for the modeling macros. Then I comment out the summary macros and run the modeling macros many times with many different parameters. Finally, I uncomment everything and run all four and get a large report.

Since the summary macros take a long time to run, I'd like to be able to send their output to their own report, and the modeling macro output to another report, where each report is connected to the code module. This way I could refer to the summary output during multiple runs of the modeling macros.

Of course, I could just create one code module for the summary macros and another for the modeling macros. But because of the way my project is set up, I'd really like to be able to generate separate reports from the one code module. How can I do this?

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