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Moving project and its files

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Moving project and its files

I have EG 4.1 and have saved dozens of projects in root-level drectories (e.g. V:\jobnumber - Descriptive job name). We have more developers now, and I've transitioned to a deeper structure intended for everyone to share (e.g., V:\2009 Work Files\Proj Group\jobnumber - Descriptive name).

However, the existing couple dozen jobs at the root level make the 2009 Work Files directory very hard to notice. I've tried moving individual directories using Windows Explorer, but find lots of steps in project break when I do that (I save the .sas programs to hard drive, but Filter and Query, and Import, and logs and other files are unavailable after the move). The only workaround I've found is to open the project, then methodically save each node in the new directory, before saving the entire project in the new directory (then, finally, deleting the original directory).

Is there any easier way to move the whole job (including the successful steps that aren't separately saved code nodes) so items within the project won't break?

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