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Missing Connection profile

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Missing Connection profile

Hi there!


I have scheduled to run EGP (through Windows Task Manager and VBS) but every so often we notice that the EG's connection profile is gone and the proccesses cant run because there is no EG connection profile. I have EG v5.1


would any one know how to resolve this?



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Re: Missing Connection profile

Some thoughts:

  • "Processes cant run" - any error messages and/or log files you could include to help us to help you?
  • Is the VB script running, but failing to invoke EG?
  • Can you modify the VB script to determine the Return Code after EG is called?
  • Is SAS on a server somewhere, or is it local to your workstation?
  • Are you running EG on your workstation or on a Citrix client (which may not share your connection profile across all shared clients)?
  • Does the connection profile in question store a user id and password, or does it use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)?
  • How many scheduled tasks?
  • Are they all run as the same user (and therefore the same connection profile)?

I'm also pretty sure you can pass a specific connection profile as a parameter when VB invokes EG - maybe try forcing a specific connection profile.


And can you please send us the connection profile file (minus any passwords)?

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Re: Missing Connection profile

Posted in reply to AndrewHowell

We are experiencing the same issue--the entire selection of user profiles has been deleted.  Was anything learned about this that we can reference and find a solution?

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