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Migrating Enterprise Guide projects from 9.1.3 (EG 4.1) to 9.2 (EG 4.3)

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Migrating Enterprise Guide projects from 9.1.3 (EG 4.1) to 9.2 (EG 4.3)


We have over 200 Enterprise Guide projects that needs to be migrated. First I tried to migrate bulks of projects with the Migration Wizard (4.3), but the resulting 9.2 projects had lost most of their mappings so the query builders where unable to locate the input tables. We could't figure out why, but all the work table names had been converted from lower case (9.1.3) to upper case in 9.1.3. We thought that this might be the reason for the issue and contacted SAS Support Norway to ask for a solution. Instead they suggested that we'd use the Project Maintenance wizard in Enterprise Guide 4.3. All of our projects are big, but they are very similar so we decided to listen to the suggestion and migrate the projects one by one.

The Project Maintenance wizard worked better for us than the Migration Wizard, but we still had a few issues with column names where some of them lost their literals. We had to manually change the names in order to run the projects without errors. After doing this, all the projects ran and  we thought that the migration was successful. Until we noticed that the resulting values in the data sets where wrong. We compared the 9.1.3 projects with the migrated 9.2 projects and found that some of the query builders where Grouped By in the migrated projects (i.e there was a column specified under "Summary Groups").  In the 9.1.3 version of the same project the query builder didn't group by any columns, but when we clicked "Edit Groups" we could see the column on the right side ("Group by:" field"). After some testing we found that when we add a group by column and then remove it in  9.1.3, the migration to 9.2 adds the column again.

Any help with these issues would be much appreciated.



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