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Microsoft Office 2010 Add In

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Microsoft Office 2010 Add In

I've been using MSO 2007 SAS 4.2 Add In for several months. We will be upgrading to MSO 2010 soon and it looks like we need the SAS 4.3 Add In.

Does that also mean that we need to update to the Enterprise Guide 4.3 or is the numbering just coincidental?
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Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Add In

I would also be interested in the answer to this, My uneducated view is below.

The numbering is product specific so, I think you could get away with not upgrading EG, but not sure why you wouldn't want to upgrade it.

I would expect though, if you are not running SAS9.2M3 on your server you would also have to update you server as well...

I am researching the M2 to M3 upgrade at the moment so might be able to answer more confidently in the next few days.

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Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Add In

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SAS Add-In for MS Office 4.2 can work in Office 2010, but of course 4.3 is better.

You don't have to update EG at the same time, but if you want EG to be able to interact with the Add-In (for example, send a report from EG into an Excel session), you'll want them both at the same level.

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Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Add In

From what Chris has written you don't need to upgrade but if you need/what the better integration you should.

In regards to the upgrade question After a little more research.

If you are using a deployment plan, it will upgrade all SAS clients on your pc, from what I can tell you have no option to change.

So EG4.3 will also be updated, and so will other clients like DIS, SMC, IMS etc if they already exist on your PC

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