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Metadata, EG, Libraries and Librefs

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Metadata, EG, Libraries and Librefs

I'm seriously confused about something related to metadata, the metadata server, SAS EG, Libraries and their librefs.

1) I can create and use a library using Base SAS, textual code and "Batch submit ..."

2) I can create and use a library using SAS EG. I have pointed various libaries to both directories and to SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 databases.

3) I have created and used libraries with SAS Management Console.

4) The long story:

Someone other than myself created a set of libraries, let's call them his_lib1 his_lib2, his_lib3, etc. These libraries have librefs = lib1, lib2, lib3, etc. respectively, and are assigned to a server on a host -- let's call the server SAS_Server1 and the host Host_Server1.

I come along and create another set of servers: GroupPrd, GroupDev, GroupTst on the same host (Host_Server1), and limit the access to SASprd, etc. to a specfic Group and a base filesystem/directory and suddenly, magically, all the his_lib1, his_lib2, his_lib3 libaries show up as lib1, lib2, lib3 in the Group... libraries when you access the Servers list in EG and expand Libraries.

So, how do I go about creating a libary from scratch that has a name mine_liba and it show up as "liba" in the list of libaries?
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Re: Metadata, EG, Libraries and Librefs


Check out for some insight.

If you are still stuck, tech support can help you through it.

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Re: Metadata, EG, Libraries and Librefs

I have engaged SAS support, and having gotten anywhere yet.

We have spoken on the phone, checked out a few things, and we are now both confused.

I have been sent some instructions about logging that haven't worked, so we are currently stuck in the troubleshooting activities.

I have read the document, and why valuable, it does not address my confusion.
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Re: Metadata, EG, Libraries and Librefs

sorry for the typos in the previous post.

"why" should be "while" -- The article "What SAS Administrators ... " is a valuable document that has answered a number questions that I have had. But, it has not helped me solve the delima of this topic.
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