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Message box in a process ?

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Message box in a process ?

Hi !

Is it possible to create a message box in a SAS process in Enterprise Guide ?

If it possible, could you please tell me how to proceed Smiley Tongue

The best for me, would be to be able to create 2 types of message box.

The first one with just a message would appear after lauching the process with F3 (run)

"Have a nice day" > click "OK", then the process will run.

The second one, for ex :

After launching F3,

"Did you verify your work ?"
2 clicks possibles :
Yes > proceed with the run of the process
No > Stop the run of the process.

Thanks !
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Re: Message box in a process ?

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Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

enterprise guide prompt

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

From the SEARCH results, this conference paper is revealed:
Using Dynamic and Cascading Prompts in SAS® Enterprise Guide®
Kevin Davidson and Minh Duong
University of Houston, Houston, TX
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Re: Message box in a process ?


Before posting, I try to find some answer with google but did'nt find the right info.

As I have SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 (, I would have to wait a bit before benefit from these possibilities but I know it will be possible ;-)

Thanks again
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Re: Message box in a process ?


PROMPTS are great but, aren't they associated to a task/program and get activated before they start executing?
Is there a way to invoke the prompt in the middle of the code execution?
Depending on a certain condition, I want to deviate my code to the end and finish the execution after sending a message box to the EG session, if this is possible.

Thank you
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Re: Message box in a process ?

Yes, there is a possibility with Enterprise Guide 4.2 version using Cascading prompt feature. After generating the reports you need to create stored process and then while running the stored process your msg box will appear the same as you request. Smiley Happy
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