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Menu Driven Way as PC SAS had

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Menu Driven Way as PC SAS had

Is there any function, or procedure, or through Add-in program, so that can achieve the way the that PC can display like a menu when executing a sas program e.g. %windwos , Pmenu.

Can someone please provide some ways or alternatives?
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Re: Menu Driven Way as PC SAS had

In short, the answer is no.  EGuide is a new user interface.  The old user interface is still available in base SAS.  There was a long discussion a bit ago on the interface differences and pros and cons; see

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The thread referenced above by Doc@Duke is available at

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Re: Menu Driven Way as PC SAS had

There are alternatives in EG, depending on what it is you're trying to do.

For example, if you want to display some choices to your end user, you can use project prompts (called "parameters" in 4.1). There is more information in the EG online help about that.

Also, with more effort, you can develop custom tasks for use in EG. That's similar in concept to creating SAS/AF applications -- but you would use Microsoft .NET technology to create them. Some examples:

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