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Member property to be used in a set???

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Member property to be used in a set???

Hi there, I want to use member property to form a valid Set. Is it possible?
For example if I have a hierarchy
and if I want to have a lookup for year and week, can I declare 2 member properties for comparison year and week?? say, prev week and prev year and use it in my set like this:-
[TimeDimension].[iif([TimeDim].currentmember.level is [TimeDim].[Week],
.[iif([TimeDim].currentmember.level is [TimeDim].[Week],

So if current year is 2008 and I want to get data for a measure say Sales for 2007 for a period which is NOT like for like will this work???

Note: both member property has been assigned to level Week
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Re: Member property to be used in a set???

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Just to update this track. Example would be
[TimeDimension].[2007].[5] and if it retrieves any measure then

([TimeDimension].[2007].[5], measure1)
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