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Map chart help

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Map chart help

Hi sorry if this is the wrong the place for this type of questions but im new to all things SAS.
I'm just wondering if it is possible to make a Map Chart that represents results the same way that Stacked Bar Graphs do.
It would look like the current Riser Map but with each column broken into sections. 

This is an example I made in paint by manually combining the two and I can keep doing it this way if I need to but it would be great if this exists somewhere?

stacked map.png

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Re: Map chart help

Have a look through the GMAP examples by .

Or, consider posting your question to the SAS/GRAPH communities forum.  An expert there might be able to provide an answer.


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Re: Map chart help

There's no built-in easy way to do that in Proc Gmap. The only way I can think of is to use annotate to programmatically draw each of the stacked bar segments ... which would be quite cumbersome.

I'll add a comment to the request for R&D to add this feature (S0324260), letting them know you're also interested in it.

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