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Manually filling columns

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Manually filling columns

I have a blank column in an EG data table and I would like to be able to manually fill it. The column has quite a few rows so doing it one at a time is not possible. I have a value in my clipboard that I would like to paste into ever row for that column. When I highlight all 1,000 rows in that column and hit paste, the value only appears in the first row of the column. Is there any way to manually fill a value to the end of the column? I know this feature exists in JMP.

I know of a few work arounds (make it a computer column), export it into another program and bring it back in, but I'm more interested in knowing if this functionality exists in EG. If not, I can proceed with a work around.


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Manually filling columns

I've been able to do that by pasting from MS Excel so SAS EG understands its columnlar data.

Here's a post where I talk about manually editing data in SAS EG: Tips and Tricks for Manually Editing Data

Proceed with caution - it cannot be undone.

Hope this helps!

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