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Managing Report sources and images

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Managing Report sources and images

Hello everyone,

My problem is described below.

I use EG (5.1 x64) for reporting via an EG object named "Report".

In this report I usually have several pictures of the diagrams in PNG format (like barcharts or geomaps).

Since I have to compile an MS Word version of the report (for the Board of Directors) I usually export SAS Report from EG in html format and then use exported pictures directly in MS reports.

After several months of exploiting I found out that in the "[Report_name]_files" folder, where the pictures were placed, there were additional pictures from previous reports.

This additional pictures were the exact "copy" of the pics I used previous month.

The first question is: how to get rid of them (graphics that is not used in current report) without recreating the Report object in EG?


is there any way to export graphics from EG in SAS code? I tried to use standart "ods graphics " statements in code, but there were no result.

If there is a way to do it - I could replace Report object with hardcoded export and than automate compilation of MS Word version.

Thanks in advance!

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