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Long time to copy/paste cells from dataset in E/G 5.1

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Long time to copy/paste cells from dataset in E/G 5.1

We recently upgraded from SAS E/G 4.1 to SAS E/G 5.1.  Typically to get my output, I go into the output dataset, highlight the cells I wish to copy, and then paste into Excel to do additional formatting/analysis.

In SAS E/G 4.1, if I copied 400 rows of 50 columns, it would copy very quickly.  Now in SAS E/G 5.1, it takes minutes just to select the cells I want and then minutes more for it to "copy" (pasting in excel goes quick once copy happens).  During the "copy" portion, SAS freezes while it appears to be loading data.

This issue appears with wide tables (20+ variables) moreso than long tables (many records).  Our data is on a remote connection here.  I've experienced this issue on multiple different remote connections in 5.1, but never had this issue with any remote connections in 4.1.

It almost seems as if the data I'm copying is "being downloaded" from the remote server instead of copied from what's on the screen.

Has anyone run across this &/or have potential solutions (I know I can export the dataset out to excel...I'm looking for a solution that let's me keep copy/pasting)?


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