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Logo path

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Logo path

Hello EG USers,

Can somebody help me figure out where and how I can upload the image files so that my PROC REPORT can use it in preimage option to show up on the report.

I use Enterprise Guide and I am confused where the image should physically reside and how it will be accessible to the proc. WIll it be on same folder as .egp and just use windows explorer to load it there? or it has to be uploaded with SAS EG?



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Re: Logo path

You want to upload the image files to PROC REPORT so you can view the image in preimage option, right? Have you checked thses similar posts, like,

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Re: Logo path


  As Cathy suggested, searching for Tech Support notes or searching the forum for previous postings will be helpful. As for your question, the answer really depends on the destination you are using:

1) HTML -- the image has to be placed in the location where the browser will be looking for the image AFTER the HTML file has been created. So if you are creating the HTML file on a server, then the image must be on the server. If you are creating the HTML file on a local machine, then the image must be on the local machine. The reason you have to worry about the image location with HTML is that HTML uses an <IMG> tag to point to the location of the file -- so SAS and ODS only build the <IMG> tag -- you need to be sure that the image is in the location referenced by the <IMG. tag -- frequently, this location is a server or web server location. If you write the HTML file to your local machine, then the image must be on your local machine.

2) RTF and PDF -- the image has to be placed in the location where SAS will look for it when the RTF and/or PDF files are CREATED. This means that if you have SAS on a server, then the image has to be in a location where SAS can get to it at output file creation time. For RTF and PDF files, the image is translated to an "internal" RTF or PDF format and is embedded in the file. This means that after the file is created, you do not have to worry about where the image is located, because it is embedded in the output file.


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