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Local Computer

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Local Computer

I am running SAS EG on a remote computer. I would like to import and export files to my local computer. I can do this manually by rightclicking the file and clicking import or export, but I would like to do this programatically. However, when I use the address c:\..., SAS takes this to mean the c drive on the SAS server. Can anyone tell me how to refer to the c drive on my local computer?

Christopher Johnson
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Re: Local Computer

Couple thoughts:

1. Map a drive on the server to your local computer, then reference that drive (Z: or whatever) when you export.
2. You might also try the Download Data Files to PC task. That's saved me a couple times for doing this sort of thing. It's a new task in EG 4.2, although I believe it was available for EG 4.1 as a custom task.
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Re: Local Computer


You might also need to involve your IT support group. Some remote control tools may be customized to forbid such actions as Richard suggested.

On the other hand, another possibility might be to use the fully qualified network name for the directory, e.g. \\yourcomputername\c$\OtherDirectoryInfo

Doc Muhlbaier
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