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Listing & Report Icons' Position Won't Save In Process Flow

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Listing & Report Icons' Position Won't Save In Process Flow

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I have disabled autoarrange in the Process Flow.  When I move certain Listings or Reports to make the Process Flow appear more organized, they will snap back to the bottom after I save the Project then reopen it later.  Program and Data Set Icons stay in the same place I left them, but not some of the Listing and SAS Report Icons in a Process Flow.  Is this normal?  Is there anything I can do to make the changes I make permanent?




Also is there any way to scroll down the grid faster or move the icons more quickly without using the mouse so much?  I.e., Page Up/Page Down/Home/End keys on the keyboard or other shortcut keys that are used to arrange or format forms, etc. in software like MS Access?  Maybe Shift+Left to move all selected icons to the left, etc.  Or something that will align all selected icons to the furthest left similar to MS Access Forms formatting features?

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