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List of users processing on SAS server

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List of users processing on SAS server

Is there a way to list or get a list of users on E.G. or how many are actually
processing something on the SAS server ?
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Re: List of users processing on SAS server

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This is not a simple task.

All you can really do is count how many EG connections there are on your SAS server. In Unix HP-UX:

ps -fe | grep sas | grep obj | grep -v utilities

This lists all Integration Technologies object spawner processes. You'll have to experiment in your server environment to see how to identify EG connections.

Note that this does not show when EG users run SAS code against the server. An EG connection may stay open all day without the user doing anything (that sounds like me on Fridays!!).

The kinds of results I get are:

aaaaa1 5986 14147 0 13:32:01 ? 0:32 /sware/sas/sassp4/SAS_9.1/sasexe/sas -noterminal -noxcmd -objec
bbbbb1 27010 14147 0 11:22:07 ? 0:37 /sware/sas/sassp4/SAS_9.1/sasexe/sas -noterminal -noxcmd -objec
ccccc1 5304 14147 0 09:43:09 ? 1:25 /sware/sas/sassp4/SAS_9.1/sasexe/sas -noterminal -noxcmd -objec
ddddd1 18833 14147 0 16:21:51 ? 0:04 /sware/sas/sassp4/SAS_9.1/sasexe/sas -noterminal -noxcmd -objec
eeeee1 10892 14147 0 15:53:45 ? 3:57 /sware/sas/sassp4/SAS_9.1/sasexe/sas -noterminal -noxcmd -objec
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