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List data and empty dataset ->results in an old HTML report

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List data and empty dataset ->results in an old HTML report

When using List Data for building HTML reports in EG I have a problem when the dataset that populates the List Data is empty.
In many of my reports I send the HTML report by email.

What happens is that when the dataset is empty the List Data will run, but no HTML will be produced. The last HTML file is then sent by e-mail. The HTML report is getting an red cross.

I have tried to write sas code to check if the dataset is empty or not, and when the dataset is empty write 'No output'. This works fine the first time the dataset is empty, but when the dataset is filled again the List Data has changed, and all the task roles has disappeared -which means all the layout and subtotals are gone.

What is best practice for handling empty dataset in List Data?
Can anyone give me some advise what to do..?
I know this will be better in the next version of EG, but that doesn't help me at this time..

I did realize that when scheduling the EG report, and removing the save project step in the vb script, the last html report I had generated before removing 'save as' was sent when I had an empty dataset.
I could have used this as an error report until the next version, but I have no idea where this html report is located in the sas server...

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