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Libname and export with prompts

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Libname and export with prompts


When you start working in EG you usually take some dataset from a specific library. Is it possible to create a prompt on a dataset-shortcut in your process flow to specify the libname?

So if have for instance libraries libA and libB and both have a dataset called products (with identical variables, but different observations). Then when you drag the dataset to the process flow you have to choose either libA.products of libB.products, but I would like a prompt, say &libnameAorB., that gives me the choice between libA and libB.

I have a similar question for exports. Can you specify the name of the exported files with a prompt? (I know it can be done in a program step, but I'm asking this with respect to an export step)

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Libname and export with prompts

Yes ... just use the Libname prompt.  In this blog post I show how to setup the prompt - although the post is about creating a stored process without output.  It should give you an idea of how to set up the prompt.

Hope this helps:

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Libname and export with prompts

Thank you. We'll be looking at this possibility.

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