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Killing active user processes

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Killing active user processes

Dear all,

We run a lot of batch processes, but when an EG or DI user is not logged off and hold a table that is updated by the batch process then the batch process is failed. We are working on WIN2008 servers. Is there a possibility to kill all active users before we start the batch processes.



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Killing active user processes

What kind of tables?  Oracle?  If you are using a relational database, there are DBA tools to do that.

You run the risk that you will kill EG connections that are truly in use and not just the people who forgot to logoff.  Depending on the environment, killing a connection may cause the user's PC to hang and require a reboot.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Killing active user processes


I assume you are talking ab out SAS table getting locked...

Contact Shane as, I think they offer a nice little app that does something like what you want.


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Killing active user processes


Thanks for the response.

I have found a command that can perform this. TASKKILL is an executable available on windows and has a lot of parameters to filter processes to kill.


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